Indo Thai believes in rendering the most moral and output based monetary services since its establishment. We are more inclined towards offering meticulous trading experiences to our clients. We effortlessly work to improvise. However, clients have maintained our trust over the years, making us foremost supreme broking company across central India.

For the past 20 years, we have been providing our services to corporate clients, affluent individuals and retail investors. Eventually, we are outshining in the market because of the strong support of our customers and with the potential personnel.

The entire Indo Thai cluster has a faith in conserving & reinforcing relations with our clients & business associates. We believe in complete transparency & satisfaction of our clients with a steady focus on professional excellence and uprightness. Going with this pace, we focus in giving the platform of our client’s choice to enact and assist the clients in order to capture the momentous growth opportunities across the Indian financial services sphere. Also Indo Thai backs up their client with strong research resources which have been worked upon by the most efficient and knowledge worthy team.

Business Profile

Indo Thai headquarter is located in Indore and proffers facilities to its branches and franchise throughout India. We cater through over 60 locations across the entire country. Indo Thai is a group of 14 Companies including two focal Companies- Indo Thai Securities Limited and Indo Thai Commodities Private Limited.

Being a corporate member of all the premier stock and commodity exchanges, Indo Thai urges to provide best value for money through personalised services, high standards of corporate governance, and highest levels of transparency, accountability and integrity in all its activities.


Advanced financial market distinguished legislatively and technically, regionally and globally; rising to the latest international standards in the financial markets to provide an attractive investment environment with better investment returns.


Core values : Trust, openness, integrity, commitment, teamwork, innovation. If we are to prosper, we believe that we need an environment where our people trust the competency of one another, share good ideas freely, are open to new ideas, and admit weakness without fear. All our relationships, internal and external, should be based on integrity - something that should never be compromised. We need to accept that teams produce best results and that people have a place in a team based on ability to contribute. In addition, we need to build a culture of innovation, one that welcomes challenge and questioning, creative and conceptual thinking, and a preparedness to be unreasonable in our expectations.


  • Effective Teamwork
  • Personal initiative and accountability
  • Core foundation of effective client servicing
  • Long term client relationships
  • Client profitability